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In rare occasions you may encounter database/sync errors with Evernote. I aim to preserve the system partition (C: ) as clean as possible and for that reason I install application to a separate DATA partition, to take matters further I also change the settings folders of those application to be inside of the installed folder. I also did the same procedure with Evernote and changed the default database location from %USER/APPDATA% folder to installation directory.


One downside of this, is that because the folder permissions with %APPDATA/LOCAL% and the folders in data partition can be different. In my case appdata folders were a little bit more permissive than data partition folders.

I don’t know if it is caused from the above method or not, I started getting errors from Evernote, the last one being with a message cannot access the database with a specific error message of “CANT_CREATE_TABLE”.

Maybe the easiest remedy was to delete the database and let Evernote create a new one from synced information, but I decided to try another method and prevent re downloading of all data.

I first uninstalled Evernote without deleting the database and then re installed it but before logging in I changed the database location again to my install directory  with old files intact there. I also gave my user account permission to fully control the folder.

Now Evernote synchronizes without any problem.

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